Minutes of 04/16/2012 Board Meeting

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Minutes 04 16 2012 board meeting As Text:

Official Minutes of the 04/16/2012 Meeting of the Georgetown Crossing HOA Board

A meeting was held of the Georgetown Crossing Homeowner's Association Board of Directors at 1221 Ascot Street, Georgetown. Called to order at 6:03 PM by Lynn Haag. Present at the meeting were board members Lynn Haag, Vern Dawson,  Mike Abbott and Robert B. Also present were Alliance property manager, Veronika Evans and Dan Henderson, board secretary.
  1. Approval of Minutes of March 07th, 2012 Board MeetingThe proposed and revised minutes of the March 07th meeting were reviewed and approved  unanimously by the board for publication.
  2. Property Manager's Report

Veronika Evans gave a property management report

A. Review of Financials

Veronika gave a financial report. She mentioned 2 homeowners were behind on payments but on a payment plan. 4 homeowners were stated as being higher than $600 delinquent.  She indicated that she was making an effort to contact delinquent homeowners that she had contact information for. B. Signature Cards Veronika provided signature cards to by signed by the President and Treasurer allowing them signature access to for the HOA checking account in the manner resolved at the prior meeting. The mechanism of how these board members would sign checks was also discussed.

C. Other

Accounts receivable, bills paid, pre-paid dues, office supply charges, legal fees, and other line-items were reviewed.

2.   Old Business

A. Baseketball Resolution

The previously passed basketball resolution was signed and Lynn agreed to take to the county for recording.

B. Garage Sale

Veronika mentioned that she would be posting signs for the April 21st garage sale.

C. Resolution Concerning Violations of Covenants and Regulations

The board agreed to defer furture action on this resolution, until a later date.

D. New landscaping contract

A contract with the new landscaping vendor was signed. To be effective May 1st.

E. Vendor Payment Resolution

Under old business, Veronika presented a vendor payment resolution for board approval.

The board discussed various provisions of the resolution and agreed to take it up under new business.

Under new business, the resolution was edited.

The amended resolution was unanimously passed by the board.

3. New Business

A. Letter from a Homeowner

A letter from a homeowner was discussed under executive session. No resolutions resulted from that discussion.

B.Website reimbursement, administration and ownership.

Tthe board discussed the ownership and adminstration of the website used by the HOA. It was discussed that the President had complete FTP access to the web-site, that the secretary, currently administering the web-site would be allowed to invoice the HOA for reimbursement of expenses, and how the board prefered that the website be registered.

C. Termination of Contract with Alliance

The board passed a resolution unanimously to provide written notice to Alliance management that they  terminating their contract with Alliance for management services, termination to be effective as soon as the current contract was expired, which was stated to be no later than June 2nd 2012.

The board's concern and desire to research alternatives stem from the perpetual cash deficit that exists which keeps the HOA in a poor financial condition. The board emphasized that the intent was to pursue other options, but wanted to leave open the possibility of signing a new contract with Alliance.

In discussion the board also noted that the decision to terminate the contract was not related to the performance of the current property manager.  The letter providing notice to cancel was provided at the meeting.

D. Architectural Control Committee Change Requests

The board discussed that several architectural change requests had been processed online by the board. One pending request for a patio extension at 1458 Newbury was approved by unanimous resolution of the board.

E. Resolulion concerning Board Member Absences

The board unanimously approved the absence of any board members not present.

F. Date of next board meeting

The board agreed to hold its next meeting on Monday 21st, 2012 at 6:00 PM at the same location as the current meeting.

4. Ajournment

The meeting was ajourned by the president at 7:50 PM.